Initially it was discovered by a priest in 1916 but the main extraction began in the early 70's and the only mine in the world that extracts this mineral is in the Dominican Republic.

The name of Larimar is due to the combination of the name Larissa, who is the daughter of the miner who rediscovered it, and the word sea.

Its colors remind us of the tropical waters of the country and can be found between white and various shades of light blue, even green.

It is a mineral associated with the signs Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces.

The Larimar is a stone that allows the connection with the feminine energy helping to connect with the intuition.

It is a stone that attracts benefits to the throat chakra, opening paths to clearer and more sincere communication.

It will also help you break down walls or emotional blockages by making feelings expressed truthfully and more deeply.

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