Care of your jewelry

Material and provenance:

All our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and 24kt gold-plated silver. 3 microns thick.

All the metal we work with comes from the European Union with a sustainable and ecological mining certificate.

We care about the environment in all aspects, even our packaging is made of recycled material and European companies with responsible and ecological certificates.

The semi-precious stones that we work with come from small lapidaries from different parts of the world, some even from Spain.


925 sterling silver:

Silver jewelry can be wet and given daily use without the need for care. In addition, silver does not harm the skin unless you have an allergy.

When you are not using them, we recommend washing or rubbing them with our chamois and storing them in a dry place with a bag or box.

If at any time they darken there are special products that will make your jewelry shine again. You can find them in many places if not, ask us!

Gold plating:

Gold-plated jewelry needs more care. In our pieces we make a 3 micron bath that is one of the most resistant but will never be forever. Being exposed to the skin over time, the gold bath fades but you will always have the option of bathing it again or leaving it in silver.

We recommend trying to avoid water and perfumes as much as possible so that the gold lasts longer. If you want to enjoy it in the sea or swimming pool, do it but keeping in mind that the bath will end up leaving or softening.

To store them, we recommend rubbing gently with our chamois and leaving it in a dry place in a bag or box.