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Material: 925 sterling silver and 24K gold-plated silver (3 microns).

Mineral: Turquoise, Pink Opal and Garnet.

Measurements: 37cm with 5cm extension.

*For higher or lower measurements, contact us.

Care of your jewelry

General information:

At Elbabohé we work with 925 silver and 24k (3 micron) gold-plated silver.

925 silver:

Silver jewelry can be wet and given daily use without the need for care. In addition, silver does not harm the skin unless you have an allergy.

When you are not using them, we recommend washing or rubbing them with our chamois and storing them in a dry place with a bag or box.

If at any time they darken there are special products that will make your jewelry shine again. You can find them in many places if not, ask us!

Silver with gold bath:

Gold-plated jewelry needs more care. In our pieces we make a 3 micron bath that is one of the most resistant but will never be forever. Being exposed to the skin over time, the gold bath fades but you will always have the option of bathing it again or leaving it in silver.

We recommend trying to avoid water and perfumes as much as possible so that the gold lasts longer. If you want to enjoy it in the sea or swimming pool, do it but keeping in mind that the bath will end up leaving or softening.

To store them, we recommend rubbing gently with our chamois and leaving it in a dry place in a bag or box.

* At Elbabohé we maintain your jewelry, such as polishing, bathing again, cleaning. Write us and we will give you a budget so that you can continue wearing your jewelry like new!

mineral properties

If you like minerals and their properties, here is a short summary:

Amazonite : Removes negative energies and favors relaxation and calm, it will give you confidence and self-confidence.

Turquoise : Used since ancient times, it is known as a strong protective talisman, it is also known as the stone of joy and happiness.

Variscite : Invokes hope and increases the courage to move forward in the objectives that we have marked.

Pink Opal ; It helps heal negative emotions and gives us emotional stability.

Labradorite : Provides balance and enhances inspiration and concentration as well as intuition, it is a great energetic protector.

Lapis lazuli : Used by the Egyptians as a good luck charm, this mineral stimulates the power of communication. It also helps to release stress quickly.

Larimar : Helps to harmonize and balance the heart and mind, it will bring us clarity and joy.

Moonstone : Great energetic protector and balancer between feminine/masculine energies. It promotes sleep and relaxation and also eliminates stress and anxiety.

Jade : Symbolizes strength, luck and prestige, it is the stone of hope and fertility. Promotes healing and mind-body balance.

Blue Onyx : Strengthening in situations of physical and mental stress, it will help you eliminate your distractions and increase your motivation. It is also an energetic protector.

*This is a very short summary of the properties of each mineral, we encourage you to look for all the properties of the stone that vibrates the most with you!

Shipping & Returns.


All our orders are prepared in a maximum of 24 hours and arrive at their destination in 24/72 hours on business days. They are sent with the Correos company and are free from a certain amount of purchase.


Once sent you will receive a message with the tracking number to know where your package is at all times.

Change or return:

If the product has been defective, wrong or not what was expected, there is an option to return it within a maximum period of 15 days from the moment of receipt.

*We have informative pages if you need more details or you can contact us with any questions.

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